1st Grade Romero, Neysa

My name is Mrs. Romero and I havebeen teaching at San Diego Unified Schools for nearly 10 years.All ofthat has been here at Cesar Chavez Elementary! I believe that I have strongties to this community having grown up here in Southern California!

I graduated from San Diego StateUniversity with a bachelor's in Liberal Studies andI will graduate with amaster's degree in Educational Administration this Fall of 2014.

My goal in the classroom is to pushmy students to their ability, celebrate their accomplishments with them, andmake sure that they have a fun and positive memorable experience about school.

My husband and I have one child andwe spend much of our weekends barbecuing at home with our son and basset hound.Onwarm summer days, you can usually find me on the beach or going for an earlyhike.

My e-mail is [email protected]

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