My Ticket System

I use a ticket system in my class where I pay my students for doing their homework, for doing their assigned "Helping Hands" class job, and for participating in class. I do a homework raffle once a week, where students can put tickets in for a chance of winning a healthy treat like Teddy Grams or sugar free Popsicles. I will also have about three auctions during the school year, where the students can try to outbid each other for fun items (attached you will find a note with information on how you can help me run the auction by donating items). Additionally, the students have to pay me using their earned tickets for the following:

  • Using the restroom during class (2 tickets)
  • Drinking water during class (1 ticket)
  • Buying a pencil, red correcting pen, or highlighter (5 tickets)
  • Buying an eraser (1 ticket)
  • Sharpening a pencil during class (5 tickets)

By charging the students tickets for the items listed above, I hope to encourage them to use the restroom before/after school or at recess/lunch; bring a water bottle to keep at their desks; and be a responsible student with the necessary materials.

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