Your child will have homework in at least three subject areas every night (Mondays thru Thursdays and occasionally during the weekends). They will always be assigned Math, Reading, and Vocabulary. It is your child's responsibility to write down the assigned homework in the student planner, complete the homework, show it to you, have you sign the planner, and return homework and the planner the next morning. Your child will not only earn tickets from me but they will be practicing the important concepts we cover in class. I do expect you to sign the Student Planner every night. I will not pay the students if their planner is not signed by a parent or guardian. If any of the homework assignments are not completed or the planner is not signed your child will report to Homework Detention during recess.

The student planner will also be a method of communication between you and I because I will record any warnings or behavior issues that occurred during the day in the planner. I also will report any compliments I would like to share about your child in the planner.

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