Classroom Expectations

Classroom Expectations

I consider my group of students a T.E.A.M., which is stands for our class motto: "Together Everyone Achieves More." I believe that when a group of students views each other as members of a community all of the students benefit and get the most out of their education. My students and I discussed the expectations for our class today. I do expect each of my students to do the following every day. The expectations are short and to the point:

  1. Respect one another.
  2. Be honest and truthful.
  3. Try your best and never give up.
  4. Cooperate with T.E.A.M. members.

The students who do follow our class expectations will be rewarded and those who choose not to follow our class expectations will receive consequences. I have a couple of reward systems in place. I use class points to reward the class as a whole for good participation, listening skills, and respectful behavior. Every time the class earns 100 points they will earn a class party. Although, for a student to be invited to the party they must have a good record in both behavior and completing assignments. I use table points to reward the different groups of students sitting at a table together for working cooperatively and keeping their desks clean and organized. Every two weeks I count up the points from each table and the winners get to choose from our "Treat Box.'

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