Our school will provide most of the supplies we use in class; however, I do expect my students to be responsible for bringing the following items:

  • 3 ring binder with dividers
  • pencil pouch (preferably one that can be inserted into the binder)
  • 3-5 sharpened pencils
  • highlighter
  • red correcting pen

I would like my students to have a binder with dividers where they can keep any important handouts, articles, quizzes, or papers sent home from the office. I also want them to have at least 3-5 sharpened pencils every day because I do like approve of the students wasting instructional time to sharpen pencils. They are allowed to use the sharpener in the morning during our "Morning Routines"time or in the afternoon during our "End of the Day Chores" time. We use highlighters and red pens throughout the day for a variety of purposes in different subject areas. All of these essential items need to be easily accessible to the students, so having a pencil pouch to store all of them works perfectly. If your child wants to save their tickets for the auctions and they don't want to buy the materials they need, please make sure they are stocked with the items and they bring them to school daily. If your child has other personal supplies, such as art supplies, please write their name on those items with a permanent marker.

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